6 Spectacular Phoenix Locations That Allow Dogs

Beautiful Phoenix has been called “Arizona’s Urban Heart,” and even the metropolitan area is known as “The Valley of the Sun.” This warm climate is also home to a multitude of our four-legged friends and Phoenix is a great location

What Kind Of Dog Should You Get?

Looking for a dog? Well- there are a few things to consider before choosing your companion! There are countless dog breeds out there, ranging from weight, height, coloring, energy level- each bred for a specific purpose. Do you live in an apartment?

Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

There is no doubt that Britain is a nation of dog lovers. In 2014 there were approximately nine million dogs being kept as pets, but dogs have a bigger role to play in society than just being the family pet,

When is Buying Pet Insurance the Right Decision?

The veterinary industry is growing,andyou end up spending a lot of money on your pet with the largest share going to healthcare expenses. With so much money being set aside for medical expenses, only a small fraction of pet owners

Planning for Pet Care: Is Pet Health Insurance Worth the Cost?

For any pet owner, there is a need to make sure that the pets get protected through the use of a pet insurance policy. Healthy Paws pet insurance is currently rated as being among the best in the market, by

Choose the Right Vet for Your Pet- Follow these tips

When you have a dog in your life, you have to handle and manage all his daily requirements, like his nutrition, care, health, safety etc. But getting a stellar vet doesn’t happen accidently. So, here are a few tips that

The Most Attractive and Exclusive Female Dog Names

It is best to choose the right she dog name in order to reflect the personality of the pet. It should be the kind of sweet and cute little name and you would love to call your dog with the

Why You Should Be Walking Your Dog

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention warns that 53% of dogs in the US are either overweight or obese. Yes; there’s a pretty good chance that your dog might already be facing weight problems as you read this article. So

Reason To Use The Nationwide Pet Insurance For Safeguarding Your Pet

Have you ever though that your pet can be insured? Yes, the fact is absolutely true. The animal that is in your home can also be insured under various policy coverage plans. Really you spend lots of money for check

Best Dog Insurance Factors

If you are thinking about purchasing dog medical health insurance for the four-legged friend, we have the very best dog insurance questions to ask yourself. Dog insurance coverage is not really a one-size-fits-all topic, as well as your specific pet